Meditation Bath: a unique experience to enjoy at HOSHINOYA Karuizawa

13 Jan 2017 in Just Relax

Say goodbye to stress with this Meditation Bath that’s unique of its kind!


Hot springs, called onsen in Japan, are very famous and popular. Japan, 75 percent mountainous and with many of its peaks volcanic, thus boasts more than 3,000 onsen.  Japanese people enjoy to relax in these naturally heated baths of water (around 41°!), whose mineral riches bring multiple benefits to their body.

Onsen meditation

A unique experience

Hot baths are appreciated not only for their therapeutic value, but also because they are a great way to relax. HOSHINOYA Karuizawa offers more than an onsen: it offers a unique and timeless experience. In a luxurious setting where marble is all around, the ‘Meditation Bath’ allows you to switch off completely and enjoy a moment of total relaxation.

A mysterious place

Even when you’ve passed through the changing rooms, the baths are still out of sight. Going through the door only brings you to the shower area, on your right, and only lets you see a corridor of water on the left, half-hidden by grey marble pillars.

Zen meditation bath

You enter the water, walk a few steps to reach the bath, and only then discover the softly-lit atmosphere.

As soon as you are inside, your eye is drawn to a small opening in the wall itself, and a dark corridor beyond. You must continue your mysterious journey to see what is hidden at the end… and which will have to remain a secret! Why not come and discover it for yourself? 😉

Meditation Bath

The room is dark, the colours go from yellow to green via blue. All you have to do is sit down and let go… There is a quiet, serene atmosphere, and very soon your mind is empty of thoughts as you enjoy this very special interlude to the full, aware that you are enjoying a unique experience…



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