Yuba: the soy skin that Japanese love to eat!

05 Oct 2016 in Food Culture

Discover Yuba, this incredibly refined and delicious delicacy from soy skin, that Japanese relish eating!

Yuba tofu skin

While many food lovers are familiar with tofu, few of them have heard of yuba. This skin results from a completely natural phenomenon that we have all witnessed with cow’s milk – as the milk is heated, a skin forms at its surface. The same is true of soy milk.

Yuba soy skin

While some people do not like to eat milk skin, the Japanese love yuba it for its delicate texture and hazelnut flavour. The chef of Hoshino Resorts KAI Nikko applies using it from starter to dessert. As an appetizer, yuba could be eaten as a “mousse”, topped with meat stock jelly and a pinch of wasabi. As a dessert, it is served in a sweet and smooth foamy preparation with honey jelly, that goes perfectly with it’s refined flavour.

Japanese soy milk

Hoshino Resorts KAI Nikko

Yuba even has a place at the breakfast table, and could be typically specific of Ryokans. Soy milk is used in Shabushabu (Japanese fondue), and when it is heated, it forms this delicate skin at its surface. It is taken with chopsticks and slightly deposited in a spoon and then eaten with a locally-produced soy sauce called “Nikko Toshogu Kenjo”. This way of enjoying yuba is called “kumiage yuba”. Once the skin has been eaten, fresh vegetables and thin strips of pork are added to the pot and cooked. This filling breakfast is incredibly refined and memorable.



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