Walking above the clouds… the incredible experience

18 May 2016 in Have Fun

There is an absolutely incredible and rare phenomenon on the island of Hokkaido in Japan: a real sea of clouds that you can trample underfoot... So, are you ready to try it?


There is a unique phenomenon in Japan which is related to specific atmospheric and weather conditions. In the Tomamu region on the island of Hokkaido, on certain days this exceptional phenomenon can be seen… the formation of a sea of clouds.

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The formation of clouds in the mountainous Tomamu area is explained by a combination of natural factors. There is the water temperature of the seas near Tokachi and Kushiro area, which remains low even in the summer, and the hot southern winds and high atmospheric pressure from the Pacific Ocean, which together promote the appearance of clouds on the East coast of the island. These clouds are then driven by a favourable wind to the Tomamu region.

On the days when all the conditions are met, the clouds slowly advance above the mountains… it is at this exact moment that the “miracle” occurs. A thick layer of clouds invades the surface of the peaks and forms a white, fluffy sea.  A beautiful moment to be experienced principally in the morning, while comfortably seated on the UNKAI observation deck built in 2006 to welcome the first inquisitive people, eager to experience this unique phenomenon in the world.

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It all began in 2005 when cablecar technicians (mostly used in winter), who were always astonished by this natural sight every year, worked so that a greater number of people could witness this “show” of nature like they did.

Some tables were set out at dawn in summer, and hot coffee was served on the terrace: this was how the first spectators were welcomed during the first moments of opening to the public. Given its success, and that 900 people visited, the decision was immediately made to build a unique observation deck on the site of Hoshino Resorts Tomamu.

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Nowadays, the guests are informed directly on the TV screens in their rooms, in real-time, about the likelihood of the phenomenon occurring, which usually only happens one out of five times. However, only Mother Nature can finally decide to bring together the different elements to make this famous fluffy sea appear above the valley.

And to go even further, and optimise the magic of this sight, observations decks have been installed , among them in September 2015, a walking platform which gives you the real feeling of floating above the clouds when you use it.

And the fact that 600,000 visitors climbed the peak last year is evidence that the experience meets all expectations. And when do you intend to come and witness this unique sight in the world?



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