A train trip through snow country

26 Jan 2018 in Discover Japan

Discover the winter landscapes of Honshu’s northernmost tip while sipping on sake!


The spectacular snow-strewn coastal landscapes of Aomori Prefecture can be admired from the comfort of a private train this winter. In partnership with the Aoimori Tetsudo railway company, Hoshino Resort Aomoriya is organizing a train to take guests to Aomori city via an idyllic winter rail route.

Live music, local sake and culinary delicacies are all part of the unique experience.

Visit japan by train

From 21st January to 25th February, the Sake Snow Viewing Train will operate every Sunday, journeying from Misawa station near Aomoriya to Aomori city, capital of the Prefecture.

Japanese train under snow

The stunning route passes through classic Japanese winter scenery such as snow-covered countryside and windswept coastlines, including Mutsu Bay where stormy waves crash up against Honshu’s northern shores.

And when the views are at their most impressive, the train will slow down to allow travellers to fully appreciate the beauty of the spot or snap the perfect shot.

Japanese landscape

The journey lasts a little under two hours, taking in five stops – and each station will be marked by a small local delicacy served to guests onboard.

Bento food case

What better way to accompany the three types of sake offered to each passenger?

Different bottles of sake

And to complete the sensory experience, traditional Japanese music will be performed live onboard the train.

Japanese music live

On arrival at Aomori, guests are free to explore the city as they wish – sightseeing, shopping or just sitting back over a coffee or tea and contemplating the breathtaking beauty of Japan’s snow-laden landscapes.



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