“TOTO Washlets”: The Japanese toilets that are all the rage!

12 Oct 2016 in Have Fun

Discover the secrets of Japan’s incredible toilets. Once you’re in the know, you’ll want to try for yourself!


“Toilets” may not be the first topic you discuss with friends when you return from Japan, but they’ll soon find their way into the conversation. For the uninitiated, Japan’s “TOTO” toilets are a memorable experience that are worth a lengthy explanation!

Even if “TOTO” sounds like the name of a cute manga character or an animal, it is indeed a toilet! The exact term is “TOTO washlet”.

Japanese tot toilets

While nearly all hotels have them, HOSHINOYA Taketomi Island boasts one of the most comfortable and hi-tech models. And once you’ve used a TOTO washlet, you’ll never see toilets the same way again!

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Imagine opening the bathroom door and having the light turn on and the seat lift up automatically! Unexpected. Intriguing. But definitely something you could get used to.

When you sit down, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find the seat has been automatically warmed. You can even adjust the temperature to your ideal heat. The final step of the TOTO experience is perhaps the most surprising of all. Look to the command panel on the wall, and you’ll find an array of buttons with intriguing pictograms.

Dare you try them?

Give it a go, and you’ll discover the TOTO washlet is equipped with a multi-function spray nozzle that will change your perspective on toilets forever!

Source : www.toto.com

Once activated, the bidet nozzle sprays warm water to clean you. You can even adjust the angle and intensity of the spray. And to ensure perfect hygiene, the system finishes off by blowing warm air so you are perfectly dry on your way out.

TOTO even comes with an extractor fan to remove any foul odors. Once you’ve tried it, there’s no going back!



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