Ice tea in Tomamu’s Ice Village

16 Feb 2018 in Food Culture

Fancy afternoon tea at an ice table with ice chairs? Head to Tomamu in Hokkaido!


Every year, an elaborate ice village is sculpted on the grounds of Tomamu ski station in Hokkaido. And this season, throughout the month of February, the village is open for an afternoon Ice Tea Party.

The Ice Village in Tomamu is a collection of 12 domed buildings, including a hotel room and chapel – all sculpted out of ice. To enter the village, you descend a set of stairs or push yourself off down a long ice slide.

Japanese ice town

The main village is divided into three sections: an Ice Flower gallery, an Ice Sweet Café and an Ice Workshop for hands-on activities. There’s even an Ice Bar, where you can drink cocktails, sake or shots out of an ice glass.

Ice bar in Japan

Restaurant with frozen glasses

Guests at Tomamu can reserve a night in the Ice Hotel, complete with ice bed, sofa and table – plus plenty of covers to wrap up warm at night.

Sleep in a ice room

Or how about getting married in the ice chapel?

It’s sculpted with an altar and rows of ice benches for all your guests.

Wedding in an ice chappel

Most romantic wedding in Japan

If marriage is going a step too far, you can book a place on the romantic tea party – a new afternoon activity running for the Valentine’s period.

Best dating spot in Japan

In a secluded spot at the edge of a silver birch forest, you’ll settle into your ice bench and be served Ice Petit Fours, followed by ten different types of ice confectionery such as macarons and choux rings – all presented on a three-tiered stand sculpted from ice.

Frech style cuisine

Post-picnic, what better way to relax and warm up than with a soak in your private jacuzzi at Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Tomamu?

Outdoor hot bath



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