Tokyo’s hottest art museums

19 Dec 2018 in Have Fun

Discover why 2 new museums are creating a buzz in Japan’s capital.


Inaugurated in June 2018, the MORI Building Digital Art Museum (also known as teamLab Borderless) combines unbridled creativity with unrivalled technology to create an extraordinary immersive experience.


For years, the Japanese digital art collective teamLab has been touring shows all over the world, but this permanent exhibition in the Odaiba district is by far the biggest and most spectacular.


Visitors are free to wander the expansive 10,000 sqm complex of dark, mirrored rooms, illuminated by colourful digital projections, often moving in time to music.

Interact with fantastic creatures walking on the walls, wander in a storm of free-falling LEDs or lie back on a suspended net and be immersed in a surreal surround show. And there’s plenty for kids, including a trampoline that creates a new digital planet with each bounce – or a chance to draw your own aquatic animal and then see it swim on the wall.

The other big pull on Tokyo’s art scene? The Yayoi Kusama museum.


Japan’s premier contemporary artist is famed for her polka-dot motifs (and for voluntarily living in a psychiatric hospital).


Opened in 2017, the Shinjuku museum hosts temporary exhibitions showcasing the artist’s paintings, sculptures and installations, including her trademark infinity mirror rooms.


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