Relive the age-old tradition of Tokyo pleasure cruises

20 Sep 2017 in Just Relax

Take to the river in Tokyo for a nighttime cruise fuelled by live gagaku music, sushi and sake!


Fancy seeing Tokyo by night from the water while eating specially-prepared sushi and sipping on premium sake?

This autumn, HOSHINOYA Tokyo is reviving the age-old tradition of riverboat pleasure cruises – offering you a unique perspective on Japan’s iconic metropolis.

Tokyo by night

Back in the Edo era, the city’s waterways were the playground of locals, who would enjoy singing, drinking and lavish meals in low-lying wooden boats called yakatabune. Inspired by this tradition, HOSHINOYA Tokyo has launched “Tokyo Autumn Nights”, a series of boat cruises running until the end of November.

Guests board the boat at the Nihonbashi pier, a five-minute drive from HOSHINOYA Tokyo, for an hour-long cruise in the heart of Tokyo.

From the pier, the boat sails down the Nihonbashi river into the Sumida river and on towards the Hama-Rikyu Gardens.

Tokyo tower by night

Along the way, you’ll take in spectacular views of illuminated bridges and famous sights such as the Tsukiji market, Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Skytree. A local guide will be onboard to point out all the highlights.

Bento food in Japan

And while your eyes feast on the sights, you can treat your palate to warm sake and a bento box prepared by the well-known Akasaka sushi restaurant Yushoku. All the culinary creations inside are inspired by moon-watching.

Japanese music instruments

And, as the boat drops anchor by the Hama-Rikyu Gardens, you’ll be treated to a concert by musicians playing gagaku music, the classical style of the Imperial court. What better way to be transported back to a time when the city was known as Edo?



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