Only in Tokyo: 5 bizarre bars

01 Dec 2017 in Have Fun

Tokyo is known for its crazy sub-culture – and weird bars are a speciality. Discover the zaniest places to drink in Japan’s capital!


Looking for an unusual night out when you stay at HOSHINOYA Tokyo? Here’s some inspiration!

The Lock Up

At this Shibuya bar, you’ll be locked up in prison – but at least you’ll have a cocktail in your hand!

On arrival, expect to be handcuffed by a police guard and marched to your cell through a dimly-lit hall.

Three times a night, there’s a blackout and a genuinely terrifying monster show takes place.

Vowz Bar

Booze and Buddhism come together in this small Shinjuku bar, where your cocktail-shaking barmen are all Buddhist monks.

While you sip cocktails with names like Perfect Bliss and Infinite Hell, your hosts will enlighten you with religious chants, sermons and personalized spiritual advice.

Fishing Restaurant ZAUO

Good seafood is all about fresh ingredients – and you can’t get fresher than at Zauo, where customers catch their own dinner!

Fish restaurant in Tokyo

Fishing Restaurant ZAUO

The main boat-shaped seating area is surrounded by fish-filled water, so all you have to do is dangle your rod and wait for a fish to bite!

Hedgehog Café Harry

Animal cafés are big in Tokyo, with dozens dedicated to cats alone.

Animal bar in Japan

Baby hedgehog

This Roppongi hangout is home to more than 20 hedgehogs. Pop by to get a prickly cuddle over a cup of coffee.

Robot Restaurant

Don’t try to make sense of this place!

Crazy bar in Tokyo

Every seat is turned towards a central stage, where a mind-boggling show unfurls, featuring bikini-clad women taking on giant robots amid thumping music, flashing neon and deranged lasers.

Dancing bar in Japan

A unique experience.

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