Japanese tips to keep your New Year’s resolutions

03 Jan 2018 in Discover Japan

Made New Year’s resolutions? Make sure you keep them with some Japanese-inspired help!


Find your New Year’s resolution, then discover our tips to help you keep it!

I will give up smoking

If you’re planning on quitting smoking, you’re probably in for a tough few weeks – or months. But help is at hand in the form of a Japanese plant!

v plant

Plant to treat smoke addiction

The root of the kudzu is known to treat addictions such as smoking. Take it as capsules to put that smoker’s cough behind you.

I will be tidier

The average size of a Tokyo apartment is 59.74m2 and some are under 10m2 – so minimalism is not just a credo in Japan; it’s a necessity!

Japanese design

Looking for inspiration?

Ryokan style house

Check out the bestseller by Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo. You’ll learn to declutter your home and fold clothes with a pioneering method!

I will lose weight

Japan’s obesity rate is one of the lowest in the world, and its life expectancy is one of the highest.


Healty food

Because the traditional diet is extremely healthy – low in refined sugar and processed foods, high in grains, vegetables, soy and fish.

Take inspiration from the Japanese and eat more raw fish and tofu this year!

I will reduce stress in my life

Japan may be known as a nation of workaholics, but this is also the country of Zen meditation and hot spring baths. If you’re looking to destress, the Japanese have an armada of relaxation techniques.

Method to relax

Take your pick from incense burning, meditation, a hot bath with special ingredients, or a shiatsu massage.

Onsen bath

The best environment for keeping your New Year’s resolutions?

HOSHINOYA Karuizawa, where the minimalist decor will inspire you, and the outdoor onsen will evacuate your stress.

Outdoor onsen bath

And, of course, the kaiseki menu is deliciously healthy!

Kaiseki japanese menu



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