5 insider tips for conquering Mt Fuji

11 Aug 2017 in On The Move

Ever dreamed of topping Japan’s iconic 3776-metre Mount Fuji? Start preparing your trip now with our 5 essential tips.


To mark Japan’s National Mountain Day on August 11, we’ve compiled some tips on climbing the most famous summit of all, Mt Fuji.

And for your base camp? Look no further than HOSHINOYA Fuji, where glamping offers the perfect way to prepare your ascent and relax after.


Mount Fuji hotel

Our insider tips:

1 – Take it seriously
Around 300,000 people climb Mt Fuji every year – but that doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park.

Mount Fuji road

Rocky terrain, steep sections and extreme weather can all be a challenge, not to mention the thin air. So, make sure you train up beforehand.

2 – Choose your route wisely
Take your pick from 4 routes up Fuji. The most popular? The Yoshida trail because it’s easy to access from Tokyo.

Trekking in Fuji

Fuji mountains

The shortest? Fujinomija, just 2.3 miles long – but very steep.

The quietest? Gotemba, which involves almost 2,500 metres of climbing!

3 – Plan your date
The best weather is July and August. But if you’re averse to crowds, avoid Obon week in August – which often involves queueing to get to the summit.

View on Mount Fuji photo

Early September is calmer, while other times of the year are for experienced mountaineers only.

4 – Be prepared
Above 3000 metres, the weather can throw anything at you – so make sure you’re equipped.

Mount Fuji from the sky

Summit temperatures average 5C-8C in the summer, so pack plenty of layers and wear hiking shoes.

And don’t forget a pen – to send a postcard from the post office on the summit!

5 – Give yourself time
It can take as long as 10 hours to walk up Fuji – and another 6 to go down. So, make sure you allow plenty of time.

Mount Fuji in Japan

Many people stay in mountain huts, setting off in the (very) early hours the next day to reach the summit for sunrise, known as goraiko.



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