4 things Japan does better

13 Dec 2017 in Discover Japan

Ever noticed how the Japanese do things differently – and often better? Discover our list of what they do best!


On their first visit to Japan, many Westerners notice small differences and think “why don’t we do it like that back home?”.

Here are a few things the Japanese do better:


For many first-timers, Japanese Toto washlets are like stepping into (or rather sitting down on) the future!

Japanese toilets

Water closet in Japan

You may initially be alarmed by a toilet that lifts its own lid, heats its own seat and presents an array of push-button options for cleaning, drying and perfuming. But once you’ve tried it, you’ll want your own.

Vending machines

Whatever you fancy, chances are you’ll find a vending machine stocking it in Japan. Cold soda? Hot tea? Sake or draught beer? A packet of rice, canned bread, fresh lettuce or hot ramen? There are even machines for fishing bait, flowers, batteries and underwear.

And they’re everywhere – even on the top of Mount Fuji!


Japan’s bullet train, the Shinkansen, is legendary for its punctuality and speed (up to 200mph).

Japanse train

Shinkansen railway in Fuji

A new maglev train is now under construction between Tokyo and Nagoya and is set to hit over 300mph when it opens in 2027.

Convenience stores

Japan’s 50,000-plus convenience stores live up to their name. Known as konbini, they sell all sorts of drink, food, cosmetics, toiletries, etc.

Japanese convenience store

Shop in Japan

But you can also pay your bills, withdraw cash, print out documents, reserve tickets, pick up packages or use the inhouse Wi-Fi. And it’s all available 24/7.

At HOSHINOYA Tokyo, you can experience all these for yourself – from your private Toto washlet to a Shinkansen ride from nearby Tokyo station. Needless to say, convenience stores and vending machines are just around the corner!



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