The tea cup that travels with you

22 Mar 2017 in So Design

Nothing beats a good cup of tea – especially in Japan, where many people take their favourite tea cup with them, wherever they go. Enter our contest to win your own exclusive hand-crafted travel tea cup.


You’ll find tea – and especially green tea – everywhere in Japan. It’s the country’s most popular drink, served free in many restaurants and often available on self-service taps in sushi restaurants. It’s on sale in supermarkets and corner shops, at kiosks and in vending machines on the street. What’s more, there’s an astounding variety of green teas, from the high-quality powdered matcha traditionally served in the Japanese tea ceremony to the everyday loose-leaf bancha.

tea ceremony

With tea such a central part of life, it’s no wonder many Japanese carry their own tea cup or chawan with them. Chawans come in all shapes, sizes and forms, depending on the type of tea served and even the time of year (shallow bowls help tea cool down faster in summer). But the most prized chawans are always objects of beauty.

Matcha tea

The travel chawan designed exclusively for Hoshino Resorts is the work of Kyushu artist Yukiko Tsuchiya. Born in the coastal city of Karatsu, Tsuchiya is a skilled ceramics artist following in the footsteps of her father and grandfather. This hand-crafted chawan, which is available at the HOSHINOYA Tokyo boutique, comes with its own shifuku or drawstring pouch for easy transportation.

Many Japanese see the chawan as part of their identity. As they repeatedly use the tea cup, they believe it softens, takes on a new form, and becomes part of who they are. That’s why travelling with their favourite high-quality chawan is simply second nature.

Try to win your own chawan!

Update : Contest is now closed, results available below.

The contest is now over. Thank you to everyone who entered!

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the Chawan tea cup is Andrea Miller from England. Congratulations to her!

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