Shiatsu: a balance between body and mind

14 Dec 2016 in Just Relax

Discover the benefits of Shiatsu, this well-known Japanese massage re-establishing the body energies...

Massage shiatsu

The word Shiatsu means “finger pressure”. Shi, finger, and atsu, pressure. This form of Japanese traditional therapy has been in existence for hundred of years. It is based on the well-being of body and mind, but also take care of interaction between the humans and their natural environment. In practice, shiatsu acts on the energy meridians. These are the channels that link all the body’s organs, and through which energy flows.


Japanese shiatsu massage

The practitioner seeks, through the use of pressure and stretching, to make energy circulate ‘perfectly’. The stress of daily life, tension at work and bad posture result in the body getting out of kilter and the energy circulating less well. Shiatsu seeks to restore the balance, and through a series of precise actions, on the energy points, to re-establish the proper functioning of the body. Shiatsu had a long evolution in Japan, but has been globally widely recognised for a long time.

The Shiatsu Experience

Onsen in Japan during winter

The SPA at HOSHINOYA Karuizawa offers shiatsu massages of very high quality. The refinement of the place, the smooth and felted atmosphere… Everything is inspiring you to relaxation. After a few minutes spent on the onsen to fully relax your muscles and your entire body, you will be installed on the treatment table by your therapist. From the first touch and the first pressures, you will sense its high expertise and may be surprised by the practitioner’s ability to find your points of blockage and to release any of your tensions.

Your body will gradually relax, and your well-being will be step by step restored. You will probably understand why this ancestral method of massage already has many supporters, and will certainly join their ranks after your Japanese Shiatsu experience.

Shiatsu massage room



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