Scuba diving in Okinawa

17 May 2017 in On The Move

Ready for a face-to-face encounter with a manta ray? Take the plunge in the warm waters of Okinawa and discover the delights of scuba diving in Japan.


Stretching 600 miles east to west in the Pacific Ocean, Okinawa Prefecture’s islands are celebrated as a haven for beach-lovers – while its waters are known as a hotspot for divers. Immersing yourself in the warm ocean and exploring the exceptional beauty of the local marine life is a highlight of any stay in Okinawa. And you don’t need to be a seasoned scuba diver to enjoy the experience. First-time novices are welcome!

Japanese turtle

While the whole Okinawa area is reputed for its coral reef, the southern Yaeyama archipelago is particularly prized among divers because of the high chances of seeing manta ray. One of the small inhabited islands around here is Taketomi, home to HOSHINOYA Taketomi Island.

Swimming pool resort in Japan

HOSHINOYA Taketomi-Jima

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This luxury resort features individual pavilions with private gardens, plus a large heated pool at its centre – and organizes half-day scuba diving outings for beginners and honed divers alike.

Conditions for scuba diving are first-rate thanks to clear, shallow waters that offer exceptional visibility. As soon as you near the ocean floor, you’ll be able to admire shoals of colourful fish swimming around the majestic coral reef – and there’s a good chance of spotting a manta ray.

Japanese manta ray

This celebrated fish is easy to recognize thanks to its triangular “wings” that can span several metres.

Snorkelling in Taketomi Island

Don’t fancy scuba diving? Then how about snorkelling? At HOSHINOYA Taketomi Island, you can also sign up for a half-day of snorkelling, offering you an alternative activity to admire the exceptional beauty of this underwater universe.



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