Flower viewing and fine dining at HOSHINOYA Kyoto

12 Apr 2017 in Food Culture

Fancy combining sakura-viewing with Japanese fine dining? At HOSHINOYA Kyoto, you can treat yourself to seasonal dishes under floodlit cherry blossom – with spectacular riverside views.


Thanks to its setting at the foothills of the Arashiyama mountains, HOSHINOYA Kyoto is a premium spot for viewing cherry blossom. It is also internationally known for its exceptional kaiseki cuisine. For a week in April, you can combine the two activities, flower viewing and fine dining, by heading to the ryokan’s unique outdoor terrace.


The “Floating Tearoom” terrace looks out onto the Katsura river, where swathes of blossoming cherry trees line the banks. Every evening, when the sun sets, the pink sakura are lit up – and the terrace makes a prime spot for admiring the sea of nocturnal colours.

kyoto restaurant terrace

In early April, a special seasonal menu is being served on the outdoor terrace to celebrate sakura season. Parties of up to four people can reserve a table for this intimate dining experience.

japanese gasrtonomy

Just like the surroundings, the food is a riot of spring colours. Fresh shoots and wild vegetables complement a variety of fish from the sea and river, including minnows, young sweetfish and greenlings. The marriage of Western cooking methods and Japanese sensorial cuisine, which is the hallmark of HOSHINOYA Kyoto, makes for a meal to remember.

Japanese luxury hotel

If you’re planning on being in Kyoto in sakura season, there are few better places to get away from the bustle of city life and reconnect with nature than the private terrace of the “Floating Tearoom”.



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