Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Tomamu: deep snow & deep sleep

02 Mar 2018 in In immersion

Test Japan’s famed powder snow in style! At Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Tomamu, you’ll have a private jacuzzi and sauna.


It’s like you’re gliding down the slopes. That loose, weightless snow simply parts in front of you, fluffing up in a cloud behind as you cut your way freely down the mountainside. It’s so easy, so effortless – and so pleasurable. It’s true what they say: Japanese powder snow really is something special.


And when you’ve finished on the slopes, you’re looking forward to massaging your muscles in your own jacuzzi or soothing your body in the sauna of your large room at Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Tomamu.


A night of deep sleep after a day of deep snow: the perfect ingredients for any ski vacation.

Dry powder paradise

Situated in Tomamu ski station at the centre of Hokkaido, Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Tomamu is the ideal wintertime destination for testing Japan’s famed powder snow, commonly known as “Japow”.


The station is one of the biggest on Japan’s northern island and, because it is separated from the sea by the Tochigi mountains, the clouds always deliver dry snow that’s powder perfect.

From Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Tomamu, you’ll have direct access to the slopes, allowing you to ski down to the gondola and chairlifts and access any of the station’s 29 pistes.


And, if you ever fancy a change from skiing, you’re spoiled for choice.



From fun banana boating to day-long snowmobile outings, there’s a wintertime activity for family groups and adrenaline-junkies alike.

The luxury of space

Arriving in Tomamu from Sapporo, you’ll pass through swathes of mountainous wilderness before the resort’s snow-clad slopes open up on the horizon.

Among the pine and white birch forests, you’ll make out the resort’s four distinctive towers: lower down, the colourful dual skyscrapers of The Tower, and slightly higher up, Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Tomamu, its two towers connected by a common entrance.


Both towers at Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Tomamu are 32-storeys high, with just 4 rooms on each floor. Which means every room is a suite offering the luxury of space, light and panoramic views. Even the smallest room is over 100 square metres.

Step inside and you’ll find yourself in the cosy sitting room, with an airy bedroom at the back and your own luxury bathroom straight ahead. Whether you choose a suite for two or for six, a design or a family room, you’ll have your own private sauna and enormous corner jet bath – where you can reenergize your body while admiring stunning views of the surrounding slopes.


And if you fancy chilling outside your room, head to the café-library, just off the hotel’s lobby, where juice and coffee are freely available anytime – plus sparkling wine during après-ski hours.


For kids, there’s a large playroom just a few steps away.

Dine any style, anywhere

When it comes to dining, your options are almost limitless. How about a romantic raclette in a secluded chalet?


Grilled mutton, a Hokkaido speciality? Or a copious buffet with everything from fresh sushi to macaroni cheese?



There are over 20 restaurants spread across the resort, all linked by a network of indoor walkways or by free shuttle bus.

And to start the day?


A buffet breakfast on the top floor of Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Tomamu, where the Platinum restaurant’s expansive windows allow you to check out the slopes before you clip on your skis.

Get equipped

Down on the ground floor of your hotel, you can rent everything you need for a day in the snow – from top-of-the-range ski equipment to sportswear for Hokkaido’s sub-zero climate.


Which means there’s no need to bring your own ski gear if Tomamu is just one stage of a longer trip to Japan.

Snow activities for every level

Tomamu’s ski domain is made up of two interconnected areas – family-friendly Tower Mountain and the more challenging Tomamu Mountain. Near the top of the latter is the resort’s famed Unkai terrace.

Skiers and snowboarders are in for a treat with Tomamu’s legendary loose, fluffy powder snow. Experienced skiers can register for the off-piste powder area, which provides glorious glade skiing.


And if thrill-seeking is your thing, why not make virgin ski tracks backcountry touring with a guide on nearby Mount Karifuri? Slopestylers have their own dedicated park with kickers, pipes and rails of varying difficulties.

Tomamu also offers ski and snowboard lessons for kids – including some in English.


And if you fancy a change, why not try hurtling down the world’s longest snow carting track (4.2km)? Snowshoeing in a nearby forest?


Or visiting Tomamu’s stunningly-sculpted ice village? For a complete change of atmosphere, don your bathing costume and head to the Mina-Mina beach, one of the largest wave pools in Japan with a temperature guaranteed above 30°C!


If the selling point of Tomamu is its exceptional power snow, there are many other reasons to consider it as a destination – or an all-out winter sports experience – for your next trip to Japan.



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