Relax in your own outdoor mountain bath

06 Sep 2017 in Just Relax

High in the Hokkaido mountains, you can relax in your own open-air hot bath! Then admire the views from your private lounge.


Fancy spending an autumn afternoon soaking in warm waters with spectacular views of cloud-shrouded mountains? And when you’re not bathing in your private tub, you can relax in your own well-stocked lounge.

Welcome to the UNKAI TERRACE on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido.

Terrace with mountain view

During the month of September, Hoshino Resorts Tomamu opens its exclusive UNKAI TERRACE for private hire. Set at 1,088 metres altitude, the terrace is equipped with an outdoor hot bath and offers stunning views of the surrounding peaks.

And this year, for the first time, it also features a “Lounge In the Cloud”, a special area for guests to relax in between hot baths.

Japanese sparkling wine

This is the third year the UNKAI TERRACE has been open for hire during September – with the new lounge adding extra appeal. Between baths, you’ll be able to sit back covered in warm blankets and admire the sky – reputed to be at its clearest at this time of year.

Sea of clouds by night

If you’re in luck, the conditions will be just right to create a magnificent sea of clouds around dusk. And if you’re in need of refreshment, the lounge is stocked with sparkling wine and cheese. There’s even special body milk to soften your skin.

Spa in Japan

With the UNKAI TERRACE, you’ll experience Japan’s natural beauty and luxury hospitality over the course of one memorable afternoon. The terrace is available only for private hire for groups of one or two people.

A truly exclusive way to enjoy the mountain air.



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