Picture books & picture-perfect views in Karuizawa

18 Oct 2017 in Just Relax

In Japan, “autumn is for reading” – and for admiring colourful foliage. At HOSHINOYA Karuizawa’s outdoor library, you can combine both activities!


According to a Japanese proverb, “autumn is for reading”. It’s also the season when trees start turning wondrous hues of red, yellow and gold – and autumn leaf-viewing takes the country by storm.

Now, the two seasonal activities have been combined into one unique experience at HOSHINOYA Karuizawa.

Hotel in Karuizawa - nagano prefecture

From October 14 to November 5, a special outdoor library will provide three reading spaces where guests can relax among spectacular views of the autumn leaves.

Outdoor library

Thanks to its situation at over 3000ft above sea level, the plateau of Karuizawa welcomes autumn earlier than most parts of Japan.

And thanks to its variations in temperature and rich foliage, it’s known nationwide as a prime spot for viewing vivid autumnal colours.

Kouyo momiji gari

The three reading spots each offer a different experience:

At Kera Pond, the reds of maples and ivy lie alongside the golden leaves of larch trees, all reflected in the water.

Karuizawa chill spot

Wild birds are regular visitors to this area, and the library has an array of plant- and animal-themed books.

On the open lawns of Squirrel Hill, you can lie back in a lounge chair, looking out onto swathes of red leaves.

Outdoor reading spot in Karuizawa

Picture books line the bookshelves, covering a range of topics for adults and children.

Harunire Terrace offers an outdoor café atmosphere with colorful trees lining a stream.

Harunire Terrace in Karuizawa

It’s a great place to bring a coffee and browse one of the many books focused on lifestyle topics.



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