Why Osaka is Japan’s foodie capital

20 Jul 2018 in Food Culture

Discover the many mouth-watering specialities of Osaka – plus our tips on where to eat them!


Osaka is famously crazy about food. The city’s epicureanism has even inspired a Japanese phrase “kuidaore”, which roughly translates as “eat yourself bankrupt”!

An easy day trip from HOSHINOYA Kyoto, Osaka is best-known to foodies for its Dontonbori district.



Wander its neon-illuminated streets and you’ll pass endless food stalls and eateries proffering all kinds of tasty treats.



The area is also home to the city’s mascot, Kuidaore Taro – a bespectacled clown-like figure enticing you to eat until you drop!


So, what should you try?

The classic snack food is takoyaki, crispy bite-sized balls of battered octopus, usually served with mayonnaise and a sprinkling of nori seaweed.



The perfect choice after a few drinks in the local izakaya!


Another great on-the-go option is kushikatsu, deep-fried food on a stick! The most common varieties are meat, seafood or vegetables – cooked until they’re crunchy and golden.



Okonomiyaki is a pancake-like dish you’ll find all over Japan, but the Osaka version is probably the best-known.


A flour-based batter is mixed with cabbage and yam, and you can add almost any ingredient you fancy: squid, octopus, prawns, pork, tomato, cheese, etc. As a finishing touch, top it with nori and dried bonito flakes!


Other Osaka classics include kitsune udon, a wheat noodle soup with fried tofu, and yakiniku, slices of beef dipped in a variety of succulent sauces.




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