Odaiba: where Tokyo comes to play

30 Jan 2019 in Have Fun

For shopping, sunbathing and sci-fi museums, head to Tokyo’s entertainment island!


Situated on an artificial island south of central Tokyo, Odaiba is the city’s hi-tech entertainment district – a fun-loving, thrill-seeking getaway from urban life.


Like to dine in a beachside restaurant? Test-drive a top-of-the-range Toyota? Interact with robots? Or board an icebreaker ship?

You’ve come to the right place!

The area started life as a series of island fortresses (daiba means “fort”) back in the Edo era, and was redeveloped during the 1990s.



Today, Odaiba is well-connected to central Tokyo, a short ride from HOSHINOYA Tokyo via the district’s iconic Rainbow Bridge, which lights up at night in multiple colours.




Rainbow Bridge



For further illuminations, head to Palette Town, an entertainment complex with a bright Ferris Wheel.



For the full, heady experience, take a ride in one of the 4 transparent gondolas. Look out for Odaiba’s replica Statue of Liberty from the top!


If shopping is your thing, take your pick from the Venice-inspired Venus Fort, the robot statue-fronted DiverCity Tokyo Plaza or Decks Tokyo Beach, which overlooks Odaiba’s own sandy beach.




Prefer your fun hi-tech and hands-on?

Head to the excellent bilingual National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, or try out the latest innovative technology at the Panasonic Center or Toyota Mega Web showroom.

And don’t forget the immersive teamLAB Borderless.



Next year, Odaiba will serve up another form of fun as it plays host to the 2020 Olympics. Beach volleyball, triathlon and gymnastics are all scheduled to play out here.

Photo credits:

Lars_W / CC BY-NC-SA

Dakiny / CC BY-NC-ND



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