Kintsugi, or the art of repairing ceramics

02 Nov 2016 in So Design

You will definitely no longer see broken objects in the same way with Kintsugi…


Kintsugi is the Japanese art of accepting cracks, damages, and deterioration of time on objects. This craft could also be associated with wabi-sabi, a philosophy which focuses and accepts beauty of imperfections in nature. This philosophy is an interesting approach in our modern society, always seeking instantaneousness, perfection and competition for eternal youth.

Accepting breakage of objects

Kintsugi repairing with gold

Often craft professionals try to hide the breaks through their work in order to restore the repaired object’s original appearance. Kintsugi adds a new dimension to the object, by taking on a different appearance and highlighting the break to give it an added appeal.

The art of repairing

Traditionnal japanese platter

Kaiseki Japanese cuisine

Tsugi means “join” and kin means “gold”. There are several traditional options in this technique for restoring objects. Gold joinery, kin-tsugi, silver joinery, gin-tsugi, or with a natural lacquer, urushi-tsugi. Yobi-tsubi is the art of using a cut of another pottery piece to fill the missing part. It is an obvious way to give things a new life and look at them with fresh eyes. So please observe more accurately the potteries HOSHINOYA Kyoto during your stay, maybe you could find some of them with kin-tsugi repairing… If not, don’t even try to break them to see how!

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