The magical spectacle of Kenroku-en gardens

10 Feb 2017 in Discover Japan

Visit Kenroku-en Gardens to discover the beauty and magic of the Japanese garden.


Facing Kanazawa castle, Kenroku-en Gardens is a promenade garden in which you will find all the features of a landscaped garden from the Edo period.

Kerokuen gardens

It was opened to the public, and has been listed as National Site of Scenic Beauty in 1922, and a National Site of Special Scenic Beauty in 1985.

Incredible riches

Kenroku-en Gardens has all the attributes of the Japanese garden: space, ingenuity, ancient beauty, use of water, and above all, wonderful views. As you stroll along  its avenues, you will discover all the riches of this superb garden.

Kerokuen garden winter

Close to the Renchimon gates is Yûgao-tei, the oldest building in the park, built in 1774 for tea ceremonies. A little further along is the Kaisekito pagoda, and close to the entrance on the other side is the hanami-bashi. This bridge was built to give good views of the flowers, in particular the azaleas and irises blossoms, which are just as beautiful. A perfect illustration of Japanese philosophy.

The earliest fountain

Near the kasturazaka entrance you will find Funsui, Japan’s earliest known fountain. Its water jet can reach a height of three and a half metres purely as a result of natural hydraulic pressure created by Kasumigaike Lake, situated above it.

Japanese garden near Kanazawa

Other amazing features include the karazaki pine trees and the kyokusui (meandering stream) lined with cherry trees whose blossoms have more than 300 petals, promising a magical spectacle in April when the trees come into bloom.



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