Karuizawa for kids

23 Jan 2019 in With Kids

Staying at HOSHINOYA Karuizawa? Discover 5 destinations to ensure family fun!


HOSHINOYA Karuizawa:



Discover more destinations to ensure family fun!

Karuizawa Taliesin

This lakeside complex is chock-a-block with kid-friendly activities. Take to the water on a row boat, paddle boat or water bike.



Take flight in the forest on a go-kart or cycle monorail. Or walk on water inside a zorb ball.

Still full of energy?



Try your hand at archery, bouldering or mini golf!

Karuizawa Erz Toy Museum

Inspired by the famed toy-making village of Erz in Germany, this museum showcases hundreds of wooden dolls handcrafted in Erz.



Kids will particularly enjoy the Interactive Toy Corner featuring a range of educational wooden toys from Europe and Japan.

Karuizawa Picturebook Museum

Peter Rabbit is the star of this collection of original drawings and first editions. The permanent exhibition is entirely dedicated to Beatrix Potter’s much-loved character, while a second exhibition hall features temporary exhibitions.



Kids are free to browse any of 1800-plus picture books in the library.

Mori no Korisu Kids Station

Opened in 2018 inside Karuizawa railway station, this play area features a mini red train that kids can ride.



There’s also a collection of old train cars, including a yellow wagon transformed into a play room.

Yukawa Furusato Park

At the heart of this riverside park is a huge playground with tube slides, Tarzan ropes, tightropes and a futsal.



All played out? Take a walk in the conservation area or picnic on the grass with views of Mt. Asama.




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