Kaiseki cuisine: an unforgettable experience of Japanese gastronomy

29 Sep 2016 in Food Culture

Kaiseki cuisine is one-of-a-kind in the world, bringing together delicate table dressing, quality products, fine culinary techniques and sensory experiences. Discover the composition of this magical and masterful Japanese gustatory symphony...


Kaiseki cuisine is a meal of extreme refinement, combining a succession of small seasonal and local dishes, where each element has been carefully thought out. It perfectly illustrates the spirit and culture of Japan, where everything is carefully planned to contrast tastes, textures and flavours in an aesthetic fashion.

Kaiseki food menu

Great attention is given to flavour, and the presentation of each dish. The visual effect, the choice of container, the way the food is laid out in the plate – everything is meticulously prepared. You will often see flowers, sprouts, plants and other decorations on your plate that sublimate the taste.

Kaiseki cuisine dish

Japanese gastronomy

The menu is generally composed as follows: an appetizer, sakizuke, followed by hassun, an assortment of delicate bite-size dishes. Then you will be served mukozuke, sashimi and a tempura of fried vegetables (or small fish), called agemono.

These are followed by a light broth garnished with fish and vegetables, called wanmono. What we could consider as a recurrent main course is shiizakana, prepared in a hot pot directly at the guest’s table, however it may vary from case to case . The meal cannot end without hanmono, a bowl of rice, pickles and tomewan soup. The meal concludes with dessert, mizumono.

Kaiseki restaurant

Hotel room with view on the ocean

HOSHINOYA Kyoto restaurant offers a modern and high-end approach of kaiseki cuisine. Its chef has mastered the art of sublimating seasonal products, playing on colours and shapes, blending textures and flavours gracefully and delicately. Experiencing such a meal in this exceptional and renowned Kyoto hotel will  undoubtedly engrave an unforgettable memory of Japanese gastronomy.



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