Hoshino Resorts KAI Atami: a very special experience in a unique ryokan

10 May 2017 in In immersion

How would you like to admire the sunset from an outdoor pool, before enjoying a cocktail prepared with the outmost care? Welcome to Hoshino Resorts KAI Atami!


The shady, paved path leading to the entrance will plunge you straight into the atmosphere of this exceptional place.

Zen hotel

After going through the door, your first action must be to take off your shoes, before crossing the threshold and going inside the ryokan.

Ryokan in Atami

A brief interlude in the lounge area of the lobby whilst completing check-in, for some useful recommendations for your stay and a welcome drink, and then you will be shown to your room.

A traditional ryokan

Hoshino Resorts KAI Atami immediately inspires peace and serenity. Everything here is designed to make you instantly forget the hustle and bustle outside and enjoy the charms of the place as if nothing else existed.

Hoshino Resorts KAI Atami

As you make your way to your room, you’ll discover the little patio that’s been turned into a garden, a true haven of peace, then you go up a few steps to reach your holiday accommodation. Scarcely is the door open, before your eyes are drawn to the view outside. The bathroom and living room offer striking views directly over the ocean.

Hoshino Resorts KAI Atami

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There’s a bow window with a table and two seats where you can settle down and gaze out at the sea. This will certainly be one of your favourite occupations during your stay.

Traditional Japanese Ryokan

The atmosphere is definitely that of a traditional ryokan, with its muted décor, its tatami floor-coverings, and in the evening, a futon bed set up for you.

A unique spot

When you open your eyes in the morning, your gaze will be inevitably drawn to the ocean in front of you – a view so splendid it might even seem unreal.

Fish cooking in Japan

Breakfast served in your room will prolong this moment of bliss – a hearty meal consisting of a bowl of rice, grilled fish, miso soup, vegetables pickles, and – to top it all off – a steamed course of egg or meat, depending on the chef’s inspiration on that day. A bowl of tea and a selection of fruit usually round off this first meal that will keep you going until late in the afternoon.

Japanese kaiseki cuisine

Since the ryokan has no dining room you will also take dinner in your room, where you will be left undisturbed to enjoy the chef’s Kaiseki cuisine.

Japanese gastronomy

A series of delicate dishes will help you to appreciate the subtlety and the nature of Japanese gastronomy.

The Villa Del Sol

Below the hotel, facing the ocean, is the Villa Del Sol. This second, more contemporary building contains a small number of spacious rooms, and a restaurant serving high quality cuisine with a French influence.

French restaurant in Japan

The chef, who spent a few years in the south of France, mainly in Marseille, likes to recreate French gastronomic dishes. His menu includes an outstanding bouillabaisse made with local fish, and an absolutely fabulous fish recipe. The chef is technically very skilful and cooks his food to perfection. He manages to keep the flesh and the skin soft, adding contrast to the dish with crispy shells. Absolutely amazing.

Japanese fish soup

As for desserts, they vary depending on the day. For example, you might taste the truffle gratin. Prepared in the style of a crème brûlée, it reveals a delicate aroma and flavours that are sweet but also light, the ideal combination to ensure that the end of the meal is not too heavy.

By the sea

In addition, Villa Del Sol serves continental breakfast in its elegant dining room, which also happens to offer stunning views over the ocean. On the menu are French bread rolls with butter, jam and honey.

Atami restaurant

For those who fancy something savoury, fear not! Your tasting buds will rejoice to the remarkable white ham, produced locally and served thickly sliced with a delicate, tasty sauce. To finish off your meal, a seasonal salad, fresh fruit juice and a delicious omelette will be sure to make this a delectable meal.

A moment to relax

On the ground floor of the Villa Del Sol is a library/lounge area in a conservatory with access to the garden.

Atami restaurant onsen hotel

This room is open to guests all day long, with coffee, tea and cold drinks always available, so you can take a moment out to read the newspapers or plan your schedule for the day. There are so many attractions to visit in the surrounding area, starting with Atami Castle and Atami Baien ‘Plum Garden’ with its magnificent plum trees, especially early in the year at blossom time. Like every ryokan, Hoshino Resorts KAI Atami has two onsens that you can visit at your leisure in the morning or evening.

Onsen in Atami

Atami onsen ryokan

These hot baths, fed by the region’s springs, are perfect for relaxing and also for profiting from the health benefits of the high mineral content of the waters.

Ocean view Atami bar

Late afternoon is the time to take advantage of another little corner of paradise that this ryokan has to offer: a terrace with stunning ocean views.

Beach bar in Atami

You can settle down there until the sun goes down, admiring the view and sipping a glass of one of the local liqueurs made from plums, a speciality of the region.


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