Back to life’s simple pleasure in Kyoto

21 Feb 2018 in Just Relax

Escape the stresses of the modern world by embracing time-proven pleasures in Kyoto!


Forget your smartphone, laptop or tablet – and take time out to relax without the stresses and distractions of modern life. For two days, remind yourself of the simple pleasures in life – like gazing on a scene of natural beauty, drifting down the river in a boat, or being carried away by enchanting music.

This spring, HOSHINOYA Kyoto is offering the chance to experience a “Digital-Free Stay” in its luxury ryokan. On arrival, guests surrender their digital devices and sign up for a program of relaxation, rediscovery and re-evaluating the way they see the world.

Digital retreat program

The program runs from March 1 to May 31.

The highlight of the two days is sailing down the Katsura river in a private boat. Thanks to HOSHINOYA Kyoto‘s riverside location, guests board the boat directly from the ryokan – and float gently into the forested hills of the Hozugawa Canyon.

Boat on a kyoto river

The Katsura river in Japan

The blossoms of cherry trees, kerria and wisteria will be starting to work their tapestry of colours in the canyon – and the trip is all about admiring their ephemeral beauty far from the pressures of the modern world.

Sakura viewing famous spot

On the boat, you’ll be treated to a live performance by a shamisen artist, its ethereal music the perfect backdrop to the grandeur of the natural surroundings.

Shamisen instrument

Matcha tea and Japanese sweets will be served on board.

Japanese wagashi

For the rest of the stay, you can expect a program of deep breathing, massages and morning chanting at a Zen temple – age-old activities that focus on relaxing the body and mind.

Japanese shiatsu massage

Famous temple in Kyoto

What better antidote to the frantic pace of today’s digital world?



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