When a Japanese chef interprets French cuisine

12 Aug 2016 in Food Culture

Discover the result of the encounter between traditional French cuisine and the art of a Japanese chef, in a unique and unforgettable setting.

Chief Shigeru Konno cook

If French chefs are attracted by Japanese cuisine, as much for its technique as its spirit, the opposite is also true. Many Japanese chefs have boundless admiration for French cuisine, and for dishes which are endorsed as culinary “classics” from the country. After a stay in France, in the Marseille region and then in Burgundy, Shigeru Konno, the chef at the Villa Del Sol – the Hoshino Resorts KAI Atami restaurant – is pleased to offer French cuisine made with great skill and based 100% on local ingredients.

Japanese chef in french restaurant

Gastronomic hotel in Japan

Located between the sea and the mountains, Hoshino Resorts KAI Atami enjoys an optimal location to benefit from the best agricultural and marine products. It is with these top-quality ingredients that the chef at the Villa Del Sol prepares dishes uncanny in their authenticity. In particular the bouillabaisse, which is made solely with local fish, transports you with its flavours directly to the old port of Marseille.

Hoshino Resorts KAI Atami restaurant

French restaurant in Japan

The dinner takes on an even more unique aspect in a “renaissance” style setting with a direct ocean view. The chef offers a menu made up of French specialities,  such as lobster flambéed in calvados – a stop in Normandy, a shellfish casserole with parsley butter on passing through Burgundy. A fish precisely cooked, served with crispy skin and scales, and finally, in keeping with a crème brûlée, a black truffle gratin which brings a touch of originality here that marvellously punctuates the dinner.

A unique French culinary experience waiting to be discovered in Japan in a surprising and unforgettable setting.


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