How to eat tempura

28 Dec 2018 in Food Culture

All you need to know about Japan’s famous fried food!


Alongside sushi, tempura is one of Japan’s internationally-renowned dishes. It consists of battering and deep-frying a range of seafood and vegetables.


Popular belief has it that the word tempura is a deformation of the Portuguese tempero (seasoning), and that the art of frying was brought to Japan by Portuguese missionaries in the 16th century.


Depending on the season, you’re likely to encounter tempura ranging from prawns, squid, shrimp and scallops to lotus root, pepper, mushroom and Japanese kabocha pumpkin.


The key to great tempura? The batter, which should be light and lumpy. Made from cold water, flour and eggs, tempura batter is mixed roughly to leave lumps and air bubbles – making it less heavy than other batters. Deep-fried in vegetable, canola or sesame oil, the finished tempura should be crisp, golden and piping hot.


Tempura is usually served with a tentsuyu dipping sauce, a mix of dashi stock, soy sauce and mirin sweet rice wine – with grated ginger or daikon an optional extra.


Make sure you dip quickly to avoid losing the trademark crispness!

The alternative to tentsuyu is to squeeze on citrus fruit (usually lemon or sudachi lime) and/or a sprinkling of salt.

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From curried salt to sanshô pepper or seaweed salt, you’ll be treated to the full tempura experience!

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