HOSHINOYA Tokyo, a unique new resort at the heart of the Japanese megalopolis

20 Jul 2016 in In immersion

Discover this exceptional accomodation, one-of-a-kind in Tokyo, which combines many wonderful amenities. There is no doubt that this resort will soon be coveted by everyone in Tokyo as well as by tourists wishing to find refined and exceptional experiences. Let’s start the visit in immersion...

Hoshinoya Tokyo OCHANOMA Lounge

The building stands out in Otemachi, Tokyo’s business district with its surprising, singular appearance. A stone’s throw away from the Imperial Palace and its superb park, the façade of HOSHINOYA Tokyo’s new building is elegantly shrouded in intricate black metal lattice. In the spirit of Japanese discretion, the pattern of this metal shell surrounding the building is obscure from a distance but reveals itself upon approaching. This is where you will find the first echo of the country’s traditions and culture, in its replication of traditional kimono patterns.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo Entrance

In spite of its ultra-contemporary appearance, HOSHINOYA Tokyo provides the complete ryokan atmosphere in the very heart of the city. This 17-story building follows Japanese tradition, by immersing its guests in an authentic ryokan, complete with contemporary luxury and refinement. The small Japanese garden in the hotel courts sets the tone for the amount of thought put into every detail throughout the building. It is well worth paying attention to the tiling at the foot of the freshly-planted young trees. Each stone, carefully selected and individually set, is part of a perfect puzzle where no stone touches another. How much patience and skill it must have taken to master such an exercise!

Luxury hotel entrance

Your breath will be taken away from the moment you first step through the door – indeed, it is impossible not to be in awe of this long foyer that opens with a huge door carved of solid wood, both sober and majestic. Such pure lines, such beautiful craftsmanship, such an atmosphere… The dominant stone and wood work evoke a place where nature is everywhere. And yet, at this point, the mystery still remains.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo desk

The reception on the second floor plays on a trompe l’œil effect. Its counter appears to magically float above the console it rests upon. This large curved pebble, with its pearly ochre tones, is a reference to the art of Japanese lacquer. The ceiling’s design is another nod to tradition, as it is reminiscent of origami. This remarkable piece was imagined by the designer Rie Azuma, who had previously showcased her work in the first four HOSHINOYA of the Hoshino Resorts Group. The designer brilliantly created the first urban ryokan for the 21st century in this unique masterpiece.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo Guestroom

After signing in, the time has come to discover your bedroom. In keeping with the rest of the establishment, it combines the ryokan tradition with modern comfort. You will even find a television, though it is discreetly hidden away behind a mirror. The most surprising and delightful part of the experience is the atmosphere throughout the building, with plays on lighting filtered through the rice-paper shoji sliding doors, giving the rooms a warm and relaxing feel.


You will feel comfortable from the very first moments and want to settle here for at least a few days to enjoy Tokyo in all its constant effervescence as well as the hotel. HOSHINOYA Tokyo has come up with the innovative idea of offering a living space for each floor instead of a hotel lounge. These welcoming living rooms are shared between the rooms of each floor, and are a place where all can come to relax, find refreshments, drink tea, enjoy a glass of sake, work, or enjoy spending time in one another’s company.

Completing the spirit of the place and in keeping with the full tradition, an onsen, a Japanese bath, sourced with a natural hot spring 1000 metres underneath the hotel, is available on the 17th floor, including an indoor and outdoor, open air bath, combining the tranquility of the hotel and the bustle of the city.

Hot spring public bath

HOSHINOYA Tokyo also offers fine dining in its own restaurant, run by an internationally-renowned chef. You will be surprised by the fun and innovative tableware and dishware, entirely designed by skilfull artists. You can discover this cuisine in the main dining hall or in one of the six private dining rooms for 2 to 4 people.

This exceptional accomodation is one-of-a-kind in Tokyo, and combines many wonderful amenities. There is no doubt that the experience will soon be coveted by everyone in Tokyo as well as by tourists wishing to find refined and exceptional experiences.



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