Try to win an exceptional “HOSHINOYA” stay in Japan!

25 Oct 2019 in Contest

Your chance to win a stay for 2 in a luxury "HOSHINOYA" resorts! Enter our big contest now.

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Experience Japan’s unique lifestyle at HOSHINOYA Karuizawa, a secluded moutainside ryokan resort with natural hot springs!

Update: contest is now closed, results available below.

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Total package:
– 2 nights for 2 people in 1 room at HOSHINOYA Karuizawa
– Dinner for 2 people* at Kasuke included for 1 night (*drinks apply charges)
– Breakfasts at Kasuke included for 2 nights
– Available from: January 17th, 2020 to January 8th, 2021
– Excluding dates: 2020/5/2 to 2020/5/5 & 2020/8/8 to 2020/8/15

Still not convinced? Here’s more about the prizes:

HOSHINOYA Karuizawa is built like a little town, with everything to make it a paradise on earth. The rooms are centred around a water feature that contributes to the magic of the place, especially at nightfall, when the candles spread out across the water light up.

_0001_HOSHINOYA Karuizawa Mizunami Room Image

_0000_HOSHINOYA Karuizawa Room Image

In the middle of the day, you can stop for a moment on the garden terrace to sample a Dango kebab, delicious rice balls skewered on sticks and coated with sweet soy sauce.
Later in the day, it’s time to enjoy a glass of champagne before your meal, so you can fully appreciate the sunset.

_0005_HOSHINOYA Karuizawa Breakfast Image

HOSHINOYA Karuizawa serves a very high standard of kaiseki cuisine in its restaurant (Kasuke). This cuisine, called Yama-no-kaiseki, is based on local ingredients sourced from the nearby mountains, rivers and fields.

_0003_HOSHINOYA Karuizawa Dinner Image(1)
_0004_HOSHINOYA Karuizawa Dinner Image

Update: The contest is now over. Thank you to everyone who entered!

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the contest is Graham Winkles
(from UK). Congratulations!

If you are not the lucky winner this time, please keep reading our webzine to discover two new articles every week about Japanese lifestyle experiences. And follow us on social media to take part in our next contest!

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