HOSHINOYA Fuji: a private tour of an incredible resort combining “glamping” with wonderful landscapes

09 Dec 2016 in In immersion

Enjoy glamping inspired experience, totally surrounded by nature, facing the stunning landscape of Mount Fuji.



HOSHINOYA Fuji resort

From the station at Kawagushiko, it takes only fifteen minutes to reach HOSHINOYA Fuji‘s reception area. Just arrived, you will probably be surprised by the lack of any visible signs from any hotel around you. Just a building with the reception area. It’s time to check in and choose a rucksack – from a wall covered with them. This bag, which you will keep during  your whole stay, contains a selection of what a camper needs. Once you have your equipment, you will be taken directly to your room on a Jeep.

Relaxation hotel resort

Explore your Glampsite

Your rucksack, a ‘camping’, or rather ‘glamping‘ essential, contains: a padded jacket, a head torch, a flask, etc. The concept proposed by HOSHINOYA Fuji is a mixture of hotel and campsite, the chic version. Not tents, but “cabins”. This is the term used for the guest accommodation, long and narrow rooms that are simple and sophisticated, with a balcony extension. And it is in this direction that your eyes are instantly drawn. A big, wide seat invites you to settle down comfortably… facing Mount Fuji. This picture postcard view, famous all over the world, is now majestically facing you. A view that you never tire of gazing at, it’s such a riveting sight.

Glamping room in Japan

But there is more to be discovered. This new generation hotel, perched on the hillside, has more surprises in store for you. Come out of your ‘cabin’ and climb a few steps, and you will find yourself among the trees. It feels as if you are walking through a wood.

Up on the heights, wide terraces make a great place to stop for a little nap  in a hammock, for a cup of coffee or tea, around a campfire, or if you’re feeling more energetic, you can be shown how to split logs with an axe! Not as easy as you might think.

Glamping spot in Japan

Family activities

You can try making pizzas or “smoking” food. These are sociable, fun activities for all the family. At lunchtime, put on your apron and “spin the dough” like a real “pizzaiolo”! The pizza workshop gives everyone a chance to use their skill to make their pizza as round as possible. After garnishing it with the ingredients of your choice, you slide it into the wood stove and keep a careful eye on it as it cooks. The kids love watching the dough rising, the crust turning golden, the cheese melting… A few minutes’ wait whets the appetite.

Glamping BBQ in Japan

Later in the day, the smokery workshop will reawaken the interest of the whole family. People of all ages will love this. There are different ingredients to be smoked: Tofu, salmon, venison sausages, miso and nuts. Once the wood species has been chosen, the foods are shut inside the mini smokehouse, and the magic does its work. When it’s time to sample them, it is a surprise to discover this subtle smoky flavour in your mouth, and rediscover the scent of the wood that you smelled to start with. To finish off the session, the tasting is accompanied by a glass of wine, champagne or whisky – one of the most interesting pairings. Teas and soft drinks are also available.

Lake and forest

Mount Fuji activities

To complete the activities on offer at the hotel, early risers can opt for a canoe trip on Lake Kawaguchi. An activity accessible to all, that can be learned in a few minutes, and, once out on the water, lets you appreciate the nature all around you from a different perspective. During the day, you can also schedule a ride in the forest on horseback. Only 15 minutes from the hotel, you will find yourself deep in the wilds of nature, following the paths until you reach the viewpoint from Mount Sankodai. This is the highest point, and the panorama from here is stunning.

A chic barbecue

If you are a real glamper, you absolutely must enjoy a barbecue experience! But here, the chef cooks for you! Sitting at table as a family, under the trees, in an idyllic setting, you can watch your meal being prepared.

Chic bbq in Japan

A chic, fun picnic with a mixed salad served in a salad shaker that you simply shake to add seasoning. In the autumn, mushrooms are freshly fried and topped with parsley butter. For your main course, you can grill your own boar steaks and sauté seasonal vegetables in a pan. The chef then takes over to provide the sweet; this, too, is inspired by fruits of the season.

Grill meat speciality restaurant

On colder days, you take your meals at the grill-restaurant. This large room has an impressive central grill, where the meat of your choice is cooked on the spot by the chef. Friendly service, fresh products, high quality ingredients, nothing is left to chance.

As for breakfast, make the most of the experience by eating it on your balcony facing Mount Fuji.

Romantic spot in Japan

A smart wooden box contains all the ingredients for a great start to the day. Soft fresh bread baked in a cast-iron pot, butter, jams, the delicious ‘chef’s special’ omelette, fruit juice, everything you need to fill you with energy! Try Hoshino Resorts, the glamping version!



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