Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Yatsugatake, a city within the city

21 Oct 2016 in In immersion

Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Yatsugatake: an hotel with a surprising layout, designed to enjoy every second of your stay!


Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Yatsugatake could be called a village hotel. Located at just a ten-minute drive from the Kobuchizawa train station, this resort is so unique. Not only for its size, but also for the atmosphere, design and rich amenities it offers. You could probably not imagine the scale of the hotel surface area from the lobby view.

But once you have completed your check-in and taken a first elevator, you will surely get a better idea of this amazing location. While the size of the place may be intimidating at first, the hotel “streets” will soon feel familiar.

A city within a city

Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Yatsugatake

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What will surprise you most as you discover the resort is its unique configuration. Do not picture a patio and hallways leading to the rooms. Instead, think of a village with its streets leading to the rooms and suites.

But that’s not all – each alley contains shops, restaurants and entertainment spaces. Really impressive. You can find anything, or almost. Florists, souvenir shops, wedding dresses, clothing, grocery stores and even a few places where you can eat a meal on the run – buckwheat pancakes, Italian trattoria – there is something for everyone.

Entertainment and services

Book store in Japan

In the central street, you will discover a large library where you can have a rest for reading, drinking a coffee, tea or a refreshment, and why not a slice of cake. At one end of this long room, where you can also buy some souvenirs and gifts, you will find the “wineshop”.

Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Yatsugatake enjoy highlighting local products and wine. Three dispensers have been set up so you can taste a total of 24 wines and choose the quantity you want to taste. Just a very small glass to discover, half to try, or a full one to appreciate and take time to enjoy the selected wine.

Wine tasting in Japan

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And yet, the bottles presented in the wineshop are a meagre sample of what the wine library in the “Otto Sette” restaurant has to offer. In this large room that looks like a cathedral, you will find an impressive wine cellar behind a glass wall which contains 2500 bottles just waiting to be enjoyed. In this restaurant whose menu celebrates Italy, one meal offers to taste the treasures from Mrs. Yagi’s (a local producer) vegetable garden alongside local wines.

The vegetables (tomatoes, corn, radish, zucchini, etc.) have been grown according to organic farming bring the epitome of taste to the plate. These vegetal compositions are colourful, joyful, delicious and offer an original way to discover the diversity of local wine varieties.

Hotel spa onsen

While you can of course drink the wine, it could also be a spa treatment ingredient! Imagine…starting with a mulled wine foot bath, followed by a grape must body scrub, a shower to rinse off and cool down, before finishing off with a relaxing essential oil massage… So, “wine not” try it?

The “YY Grill” offers an alternative restaurant experience with its large buffet which is open for breakfast and dinner. While it is a self-service restaurant, the food is high-quality. Each dish is carefully prepared and the variety on offer allows you to travel between Japanese and Western cuisine.

A paradise for wine lovers

Japanese wines collection

Lovers of wine and unique experiences will book the Wine Room – a room entirely dedicated to wine tasting. Designed like a large studio with a living room, a private terrace with a jacuzzi and a mezzanine bedroom, the wine room offers a set of 4 bottles to its guests along with everything you need to enjoy them.

This includes various kinds of glasses with different shapes and colors so you can compare the expressions and flavours of the wine between glasses. And for your relaxation, you will find a massage armchair where you will likely spend a long time… even if only to try each setting.

Indoor Japanese swimming pool

Water parc in Japan

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Throughout the day, while various activities are available in the workshop area, including pottery or weaving, children – and their parents – will be fascinated by the swimming pool. Designed like a beach, even though it lacks sand, with armchairs and deck chairs, this huge basin holds a large surprise…

Using a clever mechanism, the pool turns into a sea at various times throughout the day, complete with waves and backwash. A phenomenon both children and adults will enjoy – especially when parents choose to rent an inner tube at the poolside, which will allow you to be rocked by the waves. The perfect way to build wonderful memories for the whole family.



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