Hoshino Resorts Oirase Keiryu Hotel, an incredible hotel nestled in the woods

07 Sep 2016 in In immersion

Private “immersive” visit of this hotel in harmony with its environment and its unique spaces for rest and relaxation...

Hotel room in Japan

Located at the foot of the Oirase Gorge, Hoshino Resorts Oirase Keiryu Hotel is laid out in two large buildings, seemingly nestled in the trees, and protected by the region’s lush vegetation. The long lobby is also impressive, with its large wooden counter at the end of the room, its large chimney and its breathtaking view on the woods.

Hoshino Resorts Oisase Keiryu

After check-in, it is time to discover the bedroom, although why not take a detour to take a look at the boutique and familiarise yourself with local products and souvenirs to bring home? You will quickly get your bearings as you walk through the corridors. The hotel offers a wellness area where you can get a massage or enjoy a relaxation session, and of course onsens, the renowned Japanese hot baths, in an idyllic setting.

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Natural exterior onsen bath

To get the most out of your stay, choose a room with a river view and a private hot bath. The bedrooms are spacious and come furnished with two large futon beds and a living room area facing the large bay window. An invitation to idleness and rest. And the high point – your own private onsen, outside on a little terrace with a view of the river bank. And while the prospect of being alone in your bath is lovely, it would still be a shame to miss out on a visit to the public hot bath located just 5 minutes away from the hotel, which is an open-air Onsen accessible in the hotel’s shuttle bus.

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Hot spring public bath

Discovering your surroundings

In the early morning, head out to discover the gorges, which wind around for 14 km from lake Towada and enjoy the breathtaking landscape. Active visitors will choose to cycle around, offering you the freedom to stop whenever you like to take a break or to take a few pictures. The slopes are gentle and the climb is well worth the beauty of the lake and surrounding mountains you will see at the summit. After taking a break, brave visitors will decide to cycle around the lake – an hour-long ride – while others will opt to take a boat across the lake, which you should schedule in any case!

hikking and fishing spot in Japan

The fluvial ride follows the shore and is the perfect way to fully enjoy the dazzling landscape. Once you reach your destination, on the shores of Yasumiya, take a walk around the village, visit the shops and keep walking along the lake until you reach the Towada sanctuary – a magical place, a superb sanctuary built of sculpted wood. This is a must-see destination…

Outdoor family activities in Japan

When you return to your hotel, discover the surroundings with your “moss kit” in hand. The Japanese are passionate about vegetal moss – the country boasts more than 2000 varieties of moss. Try to discover its secrets for yourself! With a magnifying glass and a spray bottle, you will certainly be surprised to watch waned moss you may have even assumed was dead reanimate after a few sprays. This family activity will enchant your children.


The hotel has two restaurants. The first is a buffet in a large room with wooden furnishings. Japanese cuisine is very well-represented here: sashimi, salads, pickles and soups – including a cabbage soup with bits of crackers made from crispy rice cakes, which is a regional specialty –  are just some of the many offerings. Without forgetting the queen of local production, the apple, which you will find in many recipes: in your appetiser, simmered with pork in hot dishes, and of course in desserts, candied, in sorbets or mini pies. The perfect drink to complement your meal is apple juice or cider.

Unlimited Japanese buffet meal

For a more chic setting with sleek tableware selected from local craftsmanship, the hotel’s second restaurant offers Yoshoku cuisine. The products and ingredients are Japanese, but the cooking techniques and recipes are Western, in particular, French, and the meal is planned in the spirit of kaiseki menus. You will enjoy excellent tripe, flavoured with tomato, vichyssoise – a leek and potato soup served cold –  which honour the most traditional French cuisine. Your entrée is an excellent cut of beef from a local breed, Kuraishi, served in breaded cubes alongside vegetables and a delicious rice curry.

Gastronomic restaurant in Japan

French restaurant in Japan

The outdoor terrace facing the restaurant and right above the river is the perfect place to enjoy your meal in the great outdoors on nice days and to prolong the delicious moments spent at the hotel shaded by trees. A unique place you must visit during your next stay in Japan!

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