Hoshino Resorts Aomoriya, a tribute to local culture and to the Nebuta festival

29 Aug 2016 in In immersion

With its breathtaking landscapes and magical entertainment, Hoshino Resorts Aomoriya fully immerses you in Japanese culture!

Natural park in Japan

Hoshino Resorts Aomoriya is nestled in a large wooded park. This enchanting environment invites you to take long walks and morning strolls in the open air – a perfect place for joggers and anyone who enjoys simply walking around and breathing pure mountain air. Located in the Aomori région in the north of Japan, which is renowned for its festivals, the hotel is the ideal destination for anyone who would like to attend them.

Nebuta (festivals) attract thousands, perhaps even millions of people to the city of Aomori alone during the first week of August. Aomori, Goshogawara and Hirosaki are the three cities in the prefecture that vibrate to the sound of traditional music, song, dance and parades of colourful floats, which are created anew each year.Hoshino Resorts Aomoriya garden

As the festivities last only one week, Hoshino Resorts Aomoriya has decided to provide its visitors with some of the magic and energy of these colourful festivals. The hotel has created its own decoration and “mini” parade floats to bring a high-quality show to its guests and recreate the feel of these large festivals each evening. The hotel personnel perform on stage, and get swept up in the show. These men and women practice and refine their songs, dances and choreographies week-by-week in order to bring you a professional-quality show every day.

Japanese folklore bar

This show is one of the leading attractions of the hotel. Their enthusiasm is communicative, and many from the audience join the group at the centre of the room to dance alongside them and participate in the regional festivals in their own way. But you must remember to reserve a table to dine in the hotel’s large dining room, arranged like a cabaret for the occasion. A smaller-scale show is also performed on a stage in the centre of the hotel so that everyone can enjoy the party.

Activity for family holidays in Japan

In addition to the show, Hoshino Resorts Aomoriya offers many entertainment options to its guests. The biggest draw to families is without a doubt the daily morning tour of the hotel’s park. You will ride in a small wooden caravan, which contains a surprise: a grill. Adding to the pleasure of the experience, you will grill a mochi, a sticky rice cake that you will then eat with a cup of tea.

Exterior foot bath

Japanese hotel bar

Upon your return to the hotel, you can visit the shop, which contains a wide assortment of souvenirs you can bring home. You will find culinary specialties made from local apples, sake, and various local handicraft objects. Right across the street, you will find a space where you can rent a kimono or yukata to feel perfectly comfortable and like a real Japanese person.

Cap off your morning with a moment of relaxation at the Onsen. Hoshino Resorts Aomoriya’s onsen has the advantage of offering two basins, one indoors, one outdoors, with an incredible view of the mountains and surrounding landscape. Enjoy this unique moment of relaxation.

Best onsens in Japan

A bit later in the day, before or after dinner, take a break at the sake bar and try one of the seven kinds of sake on the menu, all of which are locally-produced. The perfect way to taste this little-known Japanese “wine”. Entertain your children by trying to fish scallops.

Use a fishing rod with a line and hook to bring up as many shells from the bottom of a basin as you can in 5 minutes. Once you bring them up, your scallops will be grilled right away and you can enjoy them in one of the nearby booths.

Hoshino Resorts hotel design

Aomoriya room

You can sample Japanese specialties every evening at dinner at the buffet restaurant and you will soon love them: tempuras, soups, meat grilled in front of you, raw or cooked fish, and a variety of desserts – it will certainly take you more than one meal to try everything.

You can also eat breakfast in this restaurant, or you can try breakfast at the tea house on the shores of the lake, where in addition to tradition, you will enjoy the beautiful setting to start your day already immersed in Japanese culture.

To take a break, the lounge decorated in a modern and streamlined style offers hot drinks and refreshments. Another advantage of this hotel is that you can choose which kind of room you will stay in – choose the authenticity of Japanese homes with rooms typically found in ryokans, or choose a more modern, spacious room with your own private hot bath with an incredible view of the park and the mountains. A difficult decision!



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