Glamorous fishing: the stylish way to fly-fish

15 Mar 2017 in Have Fun

You’ve heard of glamorous camping – or glamping. But what about glamorous fishing? At HOSHINOYA Fuji, you can combine both experiences at the foot of Japan’s most famous mountain.


Imagine yourself on the banks of a peaceful river overlooked by Mt. Fuji, a top-of-the-range fishing rod in your hand and your own luxury camping trailer nearby to relax or eat in. Whether you’re a lifelong angler or a first-time debutant, fly-fishing by Mt. Fuji is an experience you’ll long remember – especially when it’s done with a touch of class.

Glamping in Japan

Japanese fishing spot

Not satisfied with being Japan’s first ever glamping resort, HOSHINOYA Fuji, set on the banks of Lake Kawaguchi, is now offering its guests the exclusive experience of glamorous fishing. Through March and April, you can try your hand at fly-fishing in a well-stocked private sector on the north side of Mt. Fuji, with your own luxury camping trailer on hand, plus a dedicated support team to tend to your needs.

Professionnal fly fishing equipment

HOSHINOYA Fuji’s glamorous fishing program offers the full fly-fishing experience, from the excitement of casting with a fly lure to the thrill of the catch with an artificial lure. Guests are provided with top-quality material and can even benefit from insider tips from local professionals.

The setting for this anglers’ paradise? The Katsura River system, where water temperatures vary little throughout the year because the source is the rich groundwater of Mt. Fuji. This idyllic area found fame back in 1981 when former US President and fly-fishing aficionado Jimmy Carter visited and hooked an 18-inch brown trout.

Legal fishing in Japan

With HOSHINOYA Fuji’s glamorous fishing program, you’ll have access to a private area of this river system – with special perks. Your own camping trailer will be parked nearby, offering stylish accommodation for up to four people.

Outdoor activities in Japan

An awning will provide plenty of shade by the trailer, and you’ll have your own outdoor table, chairs and camping fireplace – with staff on hand to prepare and clean up while you concentrate on fishing and relaxing.


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