Fireworks: a summer show you will not want to miss in Japan

07 Jul 2016 in Have Fun

Seeing a fireworks show in Japan is a unique experience unlike any you will have at home. Find out why the Japanese love these pyrotechnic shows!

Fireworks view from luxury hotel

Fireworks made their first appearance in Japan all the way back at the end of the 17th century. Legend holds that they originated when a shogun thought up a show to entertain the population, averting the bubbling revolution in a context of economic crisis and famine. But it is also said that fireworks hold the power to ward off demons and keep evil spirits at bay… Whatever the truth may be, the beauty of the show is all that matters now and crowds of Japanese people wait for hours to admire the magic of pyrotechnics.


Hundreds of fireworks shows are put on every weekend throughout the summer in all 47 Prefectures of the archipelago. Ten of them are especially well-known, such as the Sumida river fireworks in Tokyo, which has one of the longest histories and is among the most acclaimed. 20,000 rockets are shot, some of which expand to over 400 meters across in the sky. Fireworks generate so much enthusiasm that competitions are held, like the one in Omagari in Akita Prefecture or Tsuchiura in Ibaraki Prefecture.

Firework in Japan

Watching a fireworks show in Japan is a unique experience. The Japanese word for fireworks is hanabi, which combines the letters for flower and fire. Find the perfect spot well before nightfall and pack food and drinks for a convivial experience. As soon as the show begins you will realize that your past experiences pale in comparison to the extraordinary Japanese fireworks.

These Japanese shows last an hour and a half on average and the grand finale is sure to be memorable. The colours, the bouquets of flowers etched in the sky, the magic and intensity of the fireworks… The final rockets launched can sometimes spread out over a distance of 2 km. This is hard to imagine in the West. The charming Atami seaside resort, an hour and a half drive from Tokyo, boasts one of the top 20 fireworks shows in the country. Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Atami, perched atop a stone peak, offers a breathtaking view on the city’s pyrotechnic show. Experience this magical moment in time with your family.

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