5 fun activities in Hamamatsu

05 Dec 2018 in Have Fun

History, nature, lake sports and fast thrills: Hamamatsu has it all!


Staying at Hoshino Resorts KAI Enshu?



Then why not discover some of the hidden gems of the Hamamatsu region?

Hamamatsu Castle

Unifier of Japan in the 17th century, Tokugawa Ieyasu once lived in this castle.


Today, its leafy park houses an art museum, a collection of old weapons in the castle tower – and panoramic city views.

Lake Hamana


A mix of freshwater and seawater, this lake features 79.5 miles of shore and is famed for its eels and edible nori seaweed.


A great spot for fishing, gathering shellfish, swimming, cycling – and relaxing in hot spring baths!


Ryugashido Cave

North of the city on Mt. Ryugashi, this ancient limestone cave has over 3000 ft of tunnels.


Stalactites have formed fantastical shapes with imaginative names such as “Alligator Rock”. The highlight? An underground waterfall that gushes from the ceiling, 100 ft above!

Hamanako Palpal

The centerpiece of this lakeside amusement park is an adrenaline-pumping roller coaster featuring a 180° reverse descent and 360° corkscrew rotation. If you have tamer tastes, try the panoramic Ferris Wheel or any of the many kid-friendly rides.



Air Park

Learn all about Japan’s military air force, the Air Self Defense Force, through an immersive film show, an exhibition of weapons and an impressive collection of real aircraft in a large hangar.


Then take to the training simulator to test your skills as a pilot!

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