The top 4 extreme exploits on Mount Fuji

01 Mar 2017 in Have Fun

It’s known worldwide as a symbol of Japanese culture, spirituality and history – but Mt. Fuji has also inspired a whole range of extreme exploits. Discover some of the most unusual feats!


1 – The man who skied down at nearly 100 mph

Extreme ski on Fuji

Japan is known for its world-class skiing spots, with Fuji itself housing two family ski resorts on its lower slopes. But it’s on the upper slopes that a chapter was written in extreme skiing history. Here in April 1966, pioneering speed skier Yuichiro Miura raced down the slopes on his skis at around 93 miles per hour, using a parachute to slow himself down.

2 – The pensioner who climbed Fuji again and again… and again

Mount Fuji climbing record

According to a Japanese proverb, a wise person climbs Mt. Fuji once in their lifetime – but only a fool would climb it twice. So what does that make Yoshinobu Jitsukawa, who topped Fuji for a record-breaking 1,673rd time in 2014? Most of his ascensions were clocked up post-retirement, when he started climbing Fuji twice a day. On breaking the record, he was 71 years old and still going strong.

3 – The runners who race 103 miles around its perimeter

Mount Fuji ultra trail

Fancy a real challenge? If hiking to Fuji’s 3776 m summit isn’t enough for you, how about running 103 miles around its perimeter? And just to makes things tougher, you’ll clock up an overall altitude gain of 7,500 m.

The Ultra Trail Mt. Fuji is Japan’s premier ultramarathon race, testing trail runners on the tough mountain tracks and forest paths around Fuji every September. The winner usually makes it around in about 20 hours.

4 – The guy who jumped up and down its slopes

Mount Fuji in winter

The craziest stunt ever pulled on Fuji? The prize must go to American Ashrita Furman, who covered 11.53 miles in the foothills of Mt. Fuji – on a pogo stick. Back in 1986, this earned him a place in the Guinness Book of Records for the furthest distance ever travelled on a pogo stick.

Furman was back again in 1993 to lengthen his record to 16 miles, spending 6 hours 40 jumping all the way to Fuji’s snowline before heading back down in pouring icy rain.

Feeling inspired to find a fifth way to test the limits of human endeavour? At HOSHINOYA Fuji, you can plan your adventure in the foothills above Lake Kawaguchi overlooking Mt. Fuji.

Glamping hotel room

Alternatively, you can just relax from the comfort of your own luxury glamping cabin and contemplate the mountain that has inspired so much extreme activity.



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