Enjoy an unusual experience with your family in the treetops!

10 May 2016 in Have Fun

What would you say to spending a day in the treetops with your family? Japanese camphor trees, which are over 300 years old, have been fitted out with bridges and large platforms to give you an extraordinary experience in the treetops!

Night in the japanese trees

No doubt, you are familiar with the smell of the camphor tree. The essential oil extracted from its leaves, whose powerful smell tickles our nostrils, is famous for its antiviral, immunostimulatory and anti-depressive properties. But do you know what the tree looks like? The camphor tree bears beautiful oval, tough, evergreen leaves which are deep green and it can grow up to 25 metres high. It mainly grows in China and Taiwan, but it is in Japan, another place where it flourishes, where it has taken on a new and unexpected use.

Sport in the trees in Japan

Located in the Shizuoka prefecture in the West of the island, less than 200 km from Tokyo, the Kusukusu  forest is becoming a destination for fun, novel, and exotic holidays. What would you say to spending a day  in the treetops with your family? Camphor trees, which are over 300 years old, have been fitted out with bridges and large platforms to give you an extraordinary holiday! What child hasn’t dreamt of building a treehouse and imagined living in the heart of the forest. So, why don’t you make this dream a reality and give your family this unique experience, where perched in the trees, but sitting very comfortably we hasten to add, you will feel that you are floating above the forest.

Holidays in the Japanese forest

Coffee brunch in nature

The first thing : do nothing and relax. Why not enjoy a cold drink or a tasty coffee while sitting comfortably writing a postcard? For those active souls who feel the need to move, you can also opt for a family walk in the forest. At midday, why not organise a picnic, before the kids go off to enjoy themselves on the rope course designed with them – but also the whole family – in mind.

Activities with kids in nature

Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Atami is the perfect destination to enjoy this novel holiday which will appeal to all the family, with everyone being able to find something to do at any time in the day. You have the bonus that you can take a break as a couple, or on the other hand organise activities with the whole family.



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