A drive on Hokkaido’s Flower Road

18 Jul 2018 in Discover Japan

Summer is the peak time to admire the floral fields of Japan’s northern island. A colourful experience!

Route 237 in central Hokkaido runs from Biei to Furano. In winter, it’s lined with walls of snow. But, in spring and summer, it transforms into Hanabito Kaido 237, Japan’s Flower Road.

Dotted along the road are numerous farms specializing in flower cultivation. And when the flowers are in bloom, the hillsides become a festival of vivid colours and vibrant fragrances.


Spring brings a swathe of floral delights, including poppies, lupines, tulips, irises and blue salvia. And summer heralds the arrival of sunflowers, hydrangeas, catchflies and cosmos.

If you’re visiting in May, be sure to drive by the 7 hectares of colourful tulips grown in Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park in Yubetsu Town. With over 200 varieties, it’s a sight to rival of any tulip field in Holland!



Until early June, one of the highlights is the exuberant pinks decorating the hills of the Shibazakura Takinoue Park. The vast blanket of brilliant moss phlox flowers is a must-see for nature lovers and Instagram addicts.



But July is perhaps the best time to visit thanks to Furano’s spectacular lavender fields. Lavender has been cultivated here since the 1950s and, at Farm Tomita, the distinctive purple blooms grow alongside a variety of other flowers, creating striking streaks of colour running through the hillside.


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