Discover 3 dream beaches in Japan!

18 May 2016 in Just Relax

Come and relax on the island of Taketomi in the South of Japan, which despite being only 6 km² is a dream setting that boasts 3 totally surprising and unique beaches in the world...

Sunset on a beach in Japan

Japan is an archipelago made up of 6,582 islands of over 100 Km². The small island of Taketomi situated in the South, in the Okinawa prefecture, is particularly noteworthy and unique. This patch of land, which is barely 6 km², is only accessible by boat from the port of Ishigaki and looks like heaven on earth. Taketomi is known for its traditional houses with red roofs, its white stone walls and its sandy streets. Taketomi has everything to please you, so why don’t you come and explore it for yourself?

Beach restaurant in Japan

Despite its size, this island with its dream setting boasts 3 beaches which all have a certain charm, inviting you to totally relax and drift off into daydreams and idleness:

Taketomi island Kondoi beach

Kondoi beach is located in the south-west of the island and with its picture postcard setting, is perfect for swimming with its clear waters and weak currents. While you are stretched out and relaxing on the white sand, you can see Iriomote island on the horizon, considered to be the “Galapagos” of the East. And to expand on the idea of luxury a bit further for you, the beach even has a shower and a bath tub.

Hoshino Resorts Hoshinoya Okinawa

You can find Aiyar beach on the eastern side of the island, 5 minutes’ walk from HOSHINOYA Taketomi Island, a superb holiday village made up of traditional bungalows with all the modern comforts. This is the perfect spot for sunbathing waiting to be discovered by you; however, you cannot swim here since the currents are too strong. On the other hand, you have time to admire the blue sea and cruise ships whose silhouettes you can see on the distant horizon.

Japanese Fish in blue sea

Finally, to the south of Kondoi beach, there is Kaiji beach. The perfect spot for you to enjoy the sunset and one of the rare places in the world – also one of the most famous – where you can find “star” sand. This rare and very particular sand is a “calcarinadae”, or mineral shell which protects some animals such as molluscs – the shell of the sea urchin is one. And although these stars are microscopic, you can still talk enthusiastically about having visited this unique and extraordinary place in the world.



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