Cultivate your inner beauty in Kyoto

20 Oct 2017 in Discover Japan

Experience the culture of old Kyoto in an immersive 3-day program of Noh Theatre and Zen Buddhism!


This autumn, you can experience some of Kyoto’s most exclusive cultural traditions – many of which are usually inaccessible to visitors.

From learning Noh posture to practicing Zen Buddhism, each activity is hosted by a local expert and focuses on cultivating inner beauty.

Traditions in Kyoto

The Fundamentals of Beauty program runs until November 14, and is exclusive to guests at HOSHINOYA Kyoto. It’s a chance to immerse body and mind in the spiritual and cultural customs that have shaped Kyoto’s history, to take time out and see life in a different light.

The 3-day program includes a visit to a Noh theatre, where Noh actors will give you a private lesson on the secrets of their unique posture and way of chanting.

Classical Japanese dance theatre

Noh, a classical Japanese theatre form, is reputed for the beauty of its physical forms and movements – and learning those postures is said to have a calming effect. The lesson can be conducted in a kimono, with a kimono master available to dress you at HOSHINOYA Kyoto before you leave.

Classical Japanese musical drama

On another day, you’ll head to a Zen temple to learn about the art of Zen, including the concept of chisoku, or how to find happiness without comparing yourself to others.

Meditation training

The session is followed by shojin ryori, a vegetarian meal traditionally served to Buddhist monks, at a restaurant for Zen practitioners – with tips on how to rethink your own daily meals.

精進料理 devotion temple cuisine

The final day of the program is entitled Morning Outdoor Stretch. Surrounded by the autumn colours of HOSHINOYA Kyoto’s inner garden, you’ll engage in a series of breathing and stretching exercises, the perfect way to be at one with nature and practice the art of inner beauty learned over the past few days.




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