Contest: Okinawan goodies up for grabs

01 Aug 2018 in Contest

Try and win a goody bag filled with the flavours and fragrances of Okinawa!


For you chance to win the goody bag, enter our contest now!

Update: contest is now closed, results available below.

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For our contest this month, we’re offering a taste of Okinawa. Composed of 160 islands stretching out over 600 miles, Okinawa is Japan’s subtropical Prefecture – where sun and sand are guaranteed all year round.


Nestled on one of the islands is HOSHINOYA Taketomi Island, where age-old traditions and the slower pace of life make perfect conditions for a relaxing vacation.


All 48 of the resort’s individual pavilions feature red-tiled roofs decorated with Shisa lion figurines, each carved with a unique expression. And the walls outside the pavilions are built with stone of fossilized corals.


This classic Okinawan architecture features on two of the goodies in our contest: a high-quality tenugui tea towel and a colourful postcard.


To complete the prize, we’ve added 3 bags of bath salts infused with Okinawan herbs, plus soap made from Taketomi Island honey.


The contest is now over. Thank you to everyone who entered!

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the contest is Nadia Meddahi (from France). Congratulations!

If you are not the lucky winner this time, please keep reading our webzine to discover two new articles every week about Japanese lifestyle experiences. And follow us on social media to take part in our next contest!

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