New ways to float in the clouds

21 Jul 2017 in Just Relax

The UNKAI TERRACE in Hokkaido that lets you walk in the clouds just got even better. Now you can float in the clouds!


For nature-lovers visiting Japan, the UNKAI TERRACE in Hokkaido is a must-see. Composed of an array of different viewing decks near the summit of Mt. Tomamu, it offers visitors the unique experience of walking on a sea of clouds. Now, a brand-new initiative on the same site offers you the sensation of floating in the clouds!

Hoshino Resorts tomamu

Tomamu towers in Hokkaido

Situated on the grounds of Hoshino Resorts Tomamu, the UNKAI TERRACE capitalizes on a local climatic phenomenon that regularly see thick layers of clouds forming, resembling waves in the sky.

Observation deck in Hokkaido

Take a stroll on the Cloud Walk viewing deck over the cliff edge and you’ll feel like you’re walking on a sea of clouds. Several other platforms offering equally vertiginous and spectacular experiences.

From July 2017, two new attractions will be delivering two new experiences! The Cloud Pool offers a chance to lie back in netting suspended 8 metres above the ground – with clouds beneath you.

You’ll feel like you’re floating in the clouds – with the added bonus of superb views stretching from the Taisetsuzan mountain range to Hidaka.

The Contour Bench, meanwhile, is a collection of huge benches spanning 117 metres long and configured to change height and angle along with the clouds, so you can always find the best location for viewing.

Up to 200 people can sit on the bench, so you’re sure to find a space to admire the ever-changing sea of clouds!



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