Climbing Mt. Fuji in style

26 May 2020 in On The Move

Always dreamed of topping Fuji but not sure how to go about it? Take the luxury option!


Imagine yourself on the top of Mt. Fuji. You’ve just hiked up Japan’s most iconic mountain. The sense of achievement is enormous. The view of the Fuji Five Lakes area is breath-taking. And you know this is an experience you’ll remember forever – especially because you’ve done it in style.

The whole way up, you’ve been in the company of a local guide. He’s not only helped you prepare and shown you the quietest and safest way up; he’s also taught you about the history, culture and life of the mountain.



You’ve stayed the previous night lower down Mt. Fuji in a private room of a mountain lodge, complete with luxury dinner. And you know that, when you get back down, a hearty meal will be awaiting you at HOSHINOYA Fuji.


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If you’ve always dreamed of climbing Mt. Fuji but aren’t sure how to prepare, this is how to do it! The Glamorous Fuji Mountaineering program helps you get ready, takes you to the summit in style, and enables you to make the most of the whole experience. As a bonus, you’ll get to spend the night before or after at the luxury glamping resort of HOSHINOYA Fuji.

Base camp

HOSHINOYA Fuji is set on a tree-lined hillside above Lake Kawaguchi – and every one of the resort’s luxury cabins offers a picture-postcard view of Mt. Fuji.




Admiring the mountain from the expansive sofa on your balcony, you’ll get motivation and inspiration for the climb ahead. As base camps go, this is at the higher end of the scale.

You can choose to start the program the night before you head off to conquer Mt. Fuji. If you choose this option, staff will prepare an energy bar for you of dried fruits and nuts with coconut oil. You’ll also get to meet your guide, Mr. Kondo.



A mountaineer with over 21 years of experience, he’s climbed Fuji-san more than 650 times and won awards for his work. He’ll explain what you can expect and, together, you’ll check your equipment.

Preparation program

Not sure what equipment you need? No worries. The Glamorous Fuji Mountaineering program prepares you well in advance. When you sign up, you’ll be contacted 1 month beforehand by the Mt. Fuji Mountain Climbing School. By phone or email, they’ll advise you on how to get in shape and what you’ll need to pack.



You shouldn’t underestimate the physical challenge. Rocky terrain, steep sections, extreme weather and thin air can render the ascent difficult. So, make sure you follow the exercises and daily routines recommended by the Climbing School to build your fitness and be ready for the long hike up.


You’ll also be sent advice about how to select clothing and equipment. Don’t forget that Mt. Fuji peaks out at 3776 metres – and the weather can throw anything at you. Even in the summer, summit temperatures average 5C-8C, so follow the guidelines by packing plenty of layers and wearing hiking shoes. And, if you’d rather not buy your own equipment, the Climbing School offers a rental service.

Safety first

When the big day comes, the starting point is the mountain’s fifth station – where the road ends and the only way up is on foot. You’ll start walking around noon and then stay at a mountain lodge to relax for the night.



Many climbers leave the next morning at around 1am to be at the summit for sunrise. This may sound idyllic, but hiking in the dark is much more dangerous – and you’re likely to encounter crowds at the top. Our approach lets you rebuild your strength and appreciate the mountaintop panorama in relative calm – and you still get to see sunrise from the lodge.

During the climb, your guide will regularly point out the plants and vegetation on Mt. Fuji, explaining how it was formed after repeated eruptions.



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He’ll talk about the cultural significance of Fuji and its historical importance. To the Japanese, Mt. Fuji is more than just a mountain to climb – and you’ll get to understand every facet of its personality.

Luxury touches

The lodge where you’ll sleep adds another level of comfort to your climb. While most hikers sleep in dormitories, you’ll have a private room for up to 4 people. For dinner, you’ll be served beef stew and wine, with staff from HOSHINOYA Fuji on hand to ensure you enjoy the same exceptional service as at the hotel.


And, when your adventure is over, you can expect more of the same. If you’ve chosen to stay the following night at HOSHINOYA Fuji as part of your program, you’ll have a special foot treatment awaiting you in your private cabin – followed by specialities from the local Yamanashi Prefecture, such as hearty Hoto noodle soup.



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And, if you have the energy, why not head up to the resort’s Cloud Terrace to enjoy a Japanese whisky by the bonfire? After the efforts of the last 2 days, you certainly deserve it!


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