Ranch Christmas: the holidays in Hokkaido

15 Dec 2017 in Have Fun

Experience Christmas in idyllic snowy Hokkaido! At Tomamu, there’s no end of events to put you in the festive mood.


Fancy skiing in Japan this holiday season? At Hoshino Resorts Tomamu, you’ll enjoy deep powder snow – and you won’t even have to miss out on Christmas.

The resort is laying on a host of festive events – all themed around Hokkaido’s ranch culture, with plenty for adults and children alike.

Family trip in Japan

As soon as you enter Tomamu The Tower, the iconic skyscraper hotel at the heart of the resort, you’ll be immersed in the festivities.

Hoshino Resorts Tomamu

The lobby contains a brightly-lit Christmas tree and wreath. And in a nod to the ranch theme, both are made of hay!

Japanese christmas tree

Christmas in Japan

The ranch motif continues in the Yukku Yukku Cafe Lounge, where you can order a festive Christmas log and cup of latte.

The log is a soft Swiss roll resembling a hay roll, accompanied by cow-shaped cookies, while the coffee is decorated with cocoa powder to resemble the patches of a cow. It’s all deliciously kawaii.

Animal theme cookies

In the Welcome Court outside the Tower, you’ll find Santa’s sledge with real reindeers waiting for the big day.

Santa Claus attraction parc

Put on a Santa costume for the ultimate Christmas photo!

And if you’d like to give your kids a treat, leave your gifts with the resort’s staff and they’ll organize for Santa to deliver them directly to your door!

Christmas in Japan

Other activities include workshops to make Christmas wreaths or stained-glass cookies.

 And if you enjoy a more classic Christmas, at the resort’s Chapel on the Water, you can catch a Christmas concert on weekends – or the traditional Christmas service on the 24 and 25 December.

Japanese church



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