Aomori Indigo Terrace: new style, old methods

07 Jun 2017 in So Design

Discover how local artists have revived classical indigo-dyeing to create contemporary style for a new terrace at Hoshino Resort Aomoriya.


To furnish its new terrace, Hoshino Resort Aomoriya has revived traditional indigo-dyeing techniques to create a stylish blue colour typical of the Aomori region. The all-new terrace is situated in the grounds of the hotel, offering guests a great spot to relax during their stay.


The tradition of Aomori Ai is a style of indigo dyeing that dates back to the 19th century and was characteristic of Aomori Prefecture in northern Honshu. Back then, indigo dyeing was an important source of income for many local samurai families. But, as modern techniques developed, the tradition gradually died out.


By working with local partners, Hoshino Resort Aomoriya has revived the Aomori indigo style to create ceiling fabrics, cushions and lightshades dyed with Aomori indigo. These furnishings now decorate a cosy terrace overlooking a large pond with views of thatched roofs in the nearby local village.

Indigo Japan

So, what makes Aomori indigo so special? First, the method uses only natural pesticide-free materials from Aomori Prefecture. Then, instead of drying and fermenting indigo leaves, it relies on a special technology to turn the leaves into a powder, making it possible to produce eight distinct shades of indigo blue. What’s more, the Aomori method is extremely versatile and can be used to dye wood, leather and other materials.

Going forward, Hoshino Resort Aomoriya is planning to continue combining local artistry and events with its own unique ideas. Keep tuned for more cultural innovations in the future!

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