Admiring apple moss in the Oirase gorge

18 Apr 2018 in Just Relax

Join the Japanese trend of moss viewing with a unique Apple Moss tour.


Moss is a source of fascination in Japan. It’s viewed as an expression of nature’s power to protect and create life – which may explain why moss-viewing trips and so-called “Moss Girls” have been getting ever more attention. If you’re looking for an alternative experience on your next trip to Japan, why not test the moss craze for yourself?


This spring, Hoshino Resorts Oirase Keiryu Hotel is organizing a special walking tour to admire the mossy growths in the local forests – with a particular focus on apple moss.


Set in Honshu’s northern Aomori Prefecture, the hotel is built along the Oirase Gorge, known for its spectacular waterfalls, verdant surroundings and as the home to 300 of the 1800 moss species found in Japan.



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In 2013, the gorge was recognized as a “Valuable Japanese Moss Forest” by the country’s top moss body, the Japanese Bryophyte Society.


Following the Oirase Keiryu stream, you’ll be guided by a moss expert to discover apple moss sporophytes and their distinctive balloon-shaped spore cases.

Sporophytes are a luminescent light green at this time of the year as the moss prepares for reproduction – and you’ll be able to appreciate the finer details using a magnifying glass.



And, thanks to a special smartphone lens, you can even capture the microscopic world of moss in pictures.


The program runs April 8 to May 6, 2018.

But if you can’t make it this time, why not sign up for one of the hotel’s other moss-related activities such as the “Moss Walk” or “Moss Girls Stay”?



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