5 outdoor experiences in Okunikko

26 Sep 2018 in Discover Japan

Explore the Nikko wilderness with our top tips!


Staying at Hoshino Resorts KAI Nikko?

Here are 5 ways to take advantage of the spectacular natural surroundings!

Hoshino Resorts KAI Nikko



Our Top 5:

Gaze on the Kegon Falls
In a region known for its waterfalls, the Kegon Falls are perhaps the most spectacular of all. Water from Lake Chuzenji plunges 318-feet off a cliff, enveloping the basin in a cloud of misty spray.


For the best views, take the elevator beneath the bedrock to the bottom of the falls.

Cruise on Lake Chuzenji
The lake that dominates Nikko is easy to access from the east, but the forested western and southern parts are barely touched by man.


Take a boat out to admire the seasonal colours up close.

Hike the Senjogahara marshlands
Famed as a habitat for waterfowl, this expansive marshland offers stunning hiking among alpine flowers and chirping birds.


Bring your binoculars!

Wander an old-growth forest
Lake Yunoko is surrounded by an old-growth forest. This superbly-preserved ecosystem is home to Hokkaido bird cherry, Japanese white birch and Asunaro trees.


Hike here in autumn for the colours, in spring for the pink rhododendrons and in December for the mallards and tufted ducks.

See the dragon’s head waterfall
Falling from a height of 700 feet, water plummets onto lava rocks formed by an eruption of Mt. Nantai and sprays up furiously at the base.


The forked rapids are said to resemble a dragon’s horns. A great spot for an easy walk.



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